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Happy 10th birthday Garden of Friendship!

My how time does fly. The Welcoming Committee
is happy to celebrate The Parade of the Decade with you!




The Garden of Friendship: A Special Journey
Written by Lady RainSong

One day I said, “I’ll take a journey,

And this journey should feel to me

As if I’m given serenity’s wings

To fly and just be free.”


A little bird overheard my wish,

And fluttered her magical wings,

“I’ll take you to a wonderful place

Filled with Deelightful things!

You’ll see the golden treasures of life,

You’ll hear each lovely sound

You’ll find the ten most priceless jewels

Ever to be found!

Just follow me down this path of friendship

And yes, we’ll be there soon

And you will see with sparkling eyes

How the Garden of Friendship blooms.


Suddenly we came to a talking gate

Who said with grace and style,

“The priceless jewel that opens me

Is your ever most precious smile.”

And as I smiled the gate did open

And what was it there to see—

But butterflies beaming

With love and beauty

There to welcome me.


They all led me to

A field filled with laughter,

And wind filled with peace and care

Where the daffodils, tulips, and red roses too

All had their joy to share.


There was a waterfall of kindness;

A rainbow of gentle hearts

And, oh, a jewel so grand….

The countless number of eager but patient

Priceless helping hands.


The laughter,

The smiles,

The joy,

The peace,

The beauty, kindness, and care

The gentle hearts and the helping hands—

All the love that’s there


Are the priceless jewels upon this journey.

Its legacy will never end,

For it’s the special journey that one will take

Through an amazing garden of friends.